Cameron Jerome: MK Dons striker says taking knee ‘not powerful enough’


Cameron Jerome stands while fellow players take a knee
Cameron Jerome has stopped taking a knee though his MK Dons team-mates continue to do so

MK Dons striker Cameron Jerome says football and social media platforms have not done enough to build on teams taking a knee against racism.


The ex-Norwich and Birmingham player, 34, is one of a number of players to have stopped taking a knee because “the message isn’t powerful enough”.

Clubs started taking a knee before kick-off last season to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Not enough action has been done by the people in charge,” Jerome said.

“It was great when we came back after the restart, the message was strong, but the powers in football have not built on it or made any progress.


“The campaigns they do are little and often but they are meaningless until proper action is taken against supporters who abuse players and people on social media – not just racially but discrimination in any form.”

Last month Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha became the first Premier League player not to take a knee before kick-off.

England players Marcus Rashford and Jude Bellingham are among a number of players to have been racially abused on social media this season, while former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has removed himself from social media because of racism and bullying across platforms.

“Who can blame him?” Jerome said. “We’re held accountable for what we say on social media. If I say something someone thought was controversial the FA would have me in front of them, give me a ban and a heavy fine.

“But everyone else seems to be able to make an anonymous account and say what they want and nothing gets done about it.

“There’s no accountability for social media platforms and until there is you’re still stuck in a dark place in terms of racism and discrimination.”

Social media companies have insisted they are working to tackle the problem but Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has said on Twitter they “must do more”.

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