Why Godzilla vs. Kong Has A Lethal Weapon 2 Reference And Almost Had A Lot More


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Mentioning Godzilla vs. Kong and Lethal Weapon 2 in the same sentence might seem like a weird thing to do at first. The former movie sees two of pop culture’s most famous kaiju finally fighting each other in a Hollywood blockbuster setting, while the other was the sophomore outing of Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs and Danny Glover’s Roger Murtagh, one of the most iconic buddy cop duos. What could these two possibly have in common? Well, nothing really from a narrative sense, but it turns out that Lethal Weapon 2 was all the rage with the Godzilla vs. Kong team, so much so that a reference to the 1989 sequel were thrown into the latest MonsterVerse movie, and many more were cut.

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