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I wrote drafts of the Batman/Superman movie, which wasn’t called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by me. I did not name the script. In fact, I found out what the movie was called along with the rest of the world on the internet. I was not consulted on the title of the film, and I was as surprised as anyone. I would not have named it Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. [It] wasn’t called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by me…. It just sounds self-important and clueless in a way

Well, he’s 100% right here.

There were always going to be people who just didn’t want to see that version of a comic book world, and I get that. But what hurt was the criticism that the script was not coherent, because when I turned in the script to the studio—which they, by all accounts, were happy with—it made sense.

I agree with him that BvS’s extended cut showed a much better script than I thought the theatrical one had, though I had issues with how Eisenberg portrayed Luthor, the darker character choices, and everything with Doomsday (plus there had to be a better way to show Batman that Superman cares about humanity than the Martha moment). But I do enjoy him at least owning that he accepts that people weren’t going to like some of the things he did.
Also, pretty wild that Terrio has handed a draft of script that had Batman branding criminals to work on. I assumed that was his and Snyder’s doing. Seems like Terrio toned down Batman’s bloodlust.

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