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Gourmet menus launch into space

Servair created a space-friendly gourmet meal for the astronauts of the upcoming Alpha mission – here’s how they did it… Creating tasty food for outer space is no mean feat… Servair, the French and African leader in airline catering, has been asked by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop a gourmet menu suitable for

Slow and steady wins the sourdough race

Bread isn’t going out of fashion any time soon, and one baking company is hoping its gently fermented sourdough will be a hit with health-conscious consumers. As a nation, we have always been a huge lover of baked goods, although the once standard ‘wrapped bread from a large brand’ has fallen out of favour. With

Managing incidents in the post-Brexit era

Following the UK’s exit from the EU, Philip Randles explains how the FSA has been managing food incidents, including allergens and fraudulent activity. When the Food Standards Agency (FSA) began its preparations for leaving the EU, one of the most important areas of our work was maintaining our ability to manage the 2,000+ food incidents