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Who is the inventor of the phone ?

Who is the inventor of the phone ? Alexander Graham Bell The American inventor Alexander Graham Bell was born in 1847 AD in Scotland, and he is a scientist and teacher of the deaf whose most important achievement is the invention of the telephone. He also worked to improve the phonograph, and Graham Bell’s mother

How can gold be distinguished ?

How can gold be distinguished? Magnet test The magnet test helps to distinguish between real and fake gold, as a person can bring a strong magnet closer to a piece of jewelry, and if this piece is attracted, it is not real gold, and it is recommended to do this test along with other tests

Places of tourism in Dubai

The best in Dubai Dubai The UAE in 1971, and what distinguishes it is the presence of large areas of deserts in it, in addition to the presence of beaches, luxury hotels, and international shopping centers, and there are Dubai also has wonderful heritage landmarks, and the city of Dubai is known for its hospitality