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Myanmar could spiral into ‘full-blown conflict’ similar to Syria, UN rights chief warns

The United Nations” human rights chief warned on Tuesday that Myanmar could be headed for a “full-blown” conflict similar to the decade-long war in Syria. “I fear the situation in Myanmar is heading for a full-blown conflict. States must not allow the deadly mistakes of the past in Syria and elsewhere to be repeated,” Michelle

Uncovering lost Egyptian city ‘the most important discovery’ since King Tut’s tomb

Renowned Egyptologist and former antiquities minister, Dr Zahi Hawass, is one of a team of archaeologists who uncovered the largest ancient city ever discovered in Egypt. Dubbed “The Rise of Aten’, the city dates back more than 3000 years, just prior to the reign of the most famous pharoah, Tutankhamun. Dr Zahi Hawass said the

Biden calls on Putin to ‘de-escalate tensions’ with Ukraine in phone conversation

The White House has said US President Joe Biden has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to “de-escalate tensions” in a telephone exchange on Tuesday. It comes amid a military buildup near Ukraine. Moscow later confirmed a Biden summit proposal without saying if it had been accepted. According to a White House readout of the