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Paper Industry

Paper Industry Paper material Paper is a thin, flat material that is made by pressing wood fibers made from cellulose. The first attempts to produce paper material began in China after the first century of Christ’s birth, when they used fishing nets, worn rags, and bamboo stalks, and they pulverized these materials, grinded, and turned

How is glass made ?

How is glass made ? Definition of glass Glass: it is a transparent and inorganic substance, similar in structure to liquids and equal in its hardness at normal temperature to that of solid bodies, and in its solid and liquid state it does not contain crystals and its melting point cannot be determined. Because it

How to make artificial clay ?

How to make artificial clay ? Artificial clay It is a mixture of materials similar to natural clay in terms of molding ability, ductility and flexibility. It is one of the beautiful and entertaining games for adults and children, and it is distinguished by not staining the hands and often made from natural materials, which

How to make perfumes ?

How to make perfumes ? Fragrance Perfume is a product made by mixing natural materials and synthetic materials with a beautiful scent in precise proportions to obtain a distinctive smell, and the art of perfumery goes back to the time of ancient China, the ancient Egyptians, Arabs, Carthaginians, Greeks, and Romans, but there has been

How is the fabric made ?

How is the fabric made ? Cloth Weaving, fibers, and woven threads are all synonyms of the word cloth, and all of them are derived from the Latin word Textilis, or the French word Texere, which means knitting, and thus this word includes threads, ropes, braids, and fabrics that resulted from various methods of knitting