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Welcome to the “odu news” portal

The web community team, with a “odu news”, aims to build an interactive community between readers and the published content, by publishing readers’ posts and contributions.

Comments are subject to the review of comments moderators according to the publishing policy, and we do not interfere with them in writing, with the exception of odu news blogs, which we review linguistically.

The moral and legal responsibility for the comments and contributions posted on the site rests with the owner, and does not in any way express the opinion of the foundation, while preserving the right of “odu news” to withhold comments and contributions that violate the publishing policy.

By submitting a comment or contribution to citizen journalism, or in any of odu news interactive services, you implicitly agree to the publishing policy of odu news, and you bear the moral and legal responsibility for the comment.

Ethics policy

1- Any comment containing indecent or insulting language will not be accepted.
2- No comment is accepted that challenges the personal lives of individuals or public figures, or deliberately defames them with accusations without evidence.
3- He does not accept any comment that challenges the beliefs or ideas of others, or he ridicules them.
4- No posts that include threats or intimidation to other members, Al-Masry Al-Youm editors, or those in charge of the Foundation’s management will not be accepted.
5- Discrimination on the basis of identity:
Any comment that challenges the beliefs of others or incites hatred for individuals or institutions, whether on the grounds of gender, religion, belief, race, age, or any other determinant of identity, or incitement to sectarian strife is not accepted.
6- Entries that contain nudity scenes, pornographic allegations or obscene messages are not accepted.
7- Do not accept any posts that contain personal information such as (personal phone numbers, detailed addresses, e-mail), the name and title are excluded, and the comment is withheld without looking at its content, in order to protect your privacy and personal safety.
8- We do not publish any comments that contain external links.
9-Any comment aimed at promoting a commodity is not accepted.
10-Comments that exceed 200 words or 10 lines are not accepted.
11- Do not accept obscene or inappropriate user names.
12 – Declines side comments that have nothing to do with the posted content.
13- By sending your contributions to the odu news website, you acknowledge that they are original works that you have the right to publish and that you grant odu news  the right to publish them on the site or in the various media owned by odu news .

Corrections Policy

1- The aim of the comments service is to create a rich discussion about the published content, so “make sure that your comment is related to the content and avoids side discussions”, and “make sure that the discussion does not turn into a pointless argument.”
2- Express your opinion clearly without attacking others, or stating their opinions.
3- Be patient, the site uses multiple spectrums of society, including children, so be sure to be courteous and kind towards others.
4- If you want to write a comment of more than 200 words, you can use citizen journalism blogs. The best comments are as long as you say the number of words, which makes them more clear and easier for other readers to follow.
5- Delay in posting the comment does not mean rejecting it permanently, the delay may be for technical reasons or to present it to the director of the web community section, and do not try to post the comment more than once to ensure that the comment moderators are not distracted.
6- If there is any complaint or suggestion, please feel free to use the email provided for that
We will not pay attention to comments, complaints, or suggestions not sent via e-mail, and Al-Masry Al-Youm is not obligated to respond.
7- Please do not misuse an inappropriate content service, or the e-mail for receiving complaints. The purpose of the two services is to alert the web community team to the presence of comments or contributions that violate the publishing policy, and the goal is not to suppress opinions contrary to the views of users.