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China Offers the Taliban a Warm Welcome While Urging Peace Talks

China offered a high-profile public stage to the Taliban on Wednesday, declaring that the group rapidly retaking large parts of Afghanistan would play “an important role in the process of peaceful reconciliation and reconstruction” of the country. Chinese officials began two days of talks with a delegation of Taliban leaders in Tianjin, a coastal city

Margaret MacNeil: Success of Canadian swimmer is forcing China to reexamine legacy of its one child policy

In China, however, the 21-year-old was drawing wide attention for another reason, as news spread that the Canadian girl who beat China’s top woman swimmer, Zhang Yufei, by 0.05 seconds was actually born in China and adopted as a baby by a Canadian couple. The subject of MacNeil soon lit up Chinese social media. A

China appears to be expanding its nuclear capabilities, US researchers say in new report

Hong Kong CNN —   China is building a second field of missile silos in its western deserts, according to a new study, which researchers say signals a potential expansion of its nuclear arsenal and calls into question Beijing’s commitment to its “minimum deterrence” strategy. Identified via satellite imagery, the new missile base in China’s