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Albania repatriates 19 family members of dead ISIS fighters from Syria

Albania has repatriated 14 children and five women whose fathers and husbands were killed fighting with the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in Syria. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Interior Minister Bledi Cuci accompanied the Albanian nationals via Lebanon. “It is a very positive event, I believe, and, of course, we shall not stop

In Vietnam, Undersea Robots Aid the Pentagon’s Search for War Dead

Allowing Americans to bring advanced underwater robots into Vietnamese-controlled areas of the South China Sea — equipment that could have military applications for both governments — is also diplomatically sensitive. Mr. Pietruszka said obtaining the permissions for the recent expedition was “a heavy lift for all parties.” But U.S.-Vietnamese ties have steadily warmed since the

Lionsgate’s Bill Cosby Documentary Is Dead

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